Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another new favorite

I got this cookbook a few weeks ago and have been trying the recipes all month. It's called Deceptively Delicious and it's by Jessica Seinfeld. The premise of the book is to trick your kids into eating their fruits and vegetables by pureeing them and putting them into foods they will eat. I bought it to get more nutrition into our foods; Kaiya is a little young to be tricked yet. I thought it would be a great way to add fiber and vitamins into the stuff we were going to eat anyway. So basically, I like this book. It's not just a cookbook, it has tips and ideas for eating healthier and goes through the whole process of how to puree the foods and store them and whatnot. Not all of the recipes are great (what cookbook can say that all of its recipes are great?) but after reading the book and trying her recipes I have figured out what kinds of purees will work in other recipes that I already love. So if you happen to be in the market for a new cookbook, I highly recommend this one. You can also find the recipes online at: http://www.oprah.com/foodhome/food/jseinfeld/recipes/jseinfeld_recipes_main.jhtml

Friday, January 25, 2008

A Funny Video

This is Kaiya's new thing when eating. She puts up her hand and waves it as if to say "hurry up, I'm hungry!". We think it's pretty cute.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

G diapers

I recently started using these diapers and I love them! They're biodegradable and you can flush them, so no more stinky diaper pails and no more feeling guilty about filling the landfills with Kaiya's dirty diapers. The covers are so cute on too! If you have time, check out the website. They aren't much more expensive than regular diapers and you can get them at a lot of organic type stores.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Today's nap

So today I put Kaiya down for her first nap and could hear that after about 15 minutes she still hadn't gone to sleep. So I went in to check on her to make sure she was okay and this is what I found:

She has been sitting up in her crib lately (that's why I went to check on her), but this time she was grabbing and licking the bars and had also grabbed some things from her diaper changing station, which is right by her crib, and pulled them through the bars and was playing with them in her crib. So I guess I have some rearranging to do. Needless to say, it was pretty funny. Kai didn't think so though when after taking this photo I laid her back down and left her to go to sleep.

She's Crawling!

She started crawling about a week and a half ago, and our Internet is finally fixed so I can blog about it! I have taken probably too many videos of her doing this, but here's one of the better ones. She's just so cute!

Patrick's Birthday

Although it was well over three weeks ago, I thought I would share some pictures from Patrick's birthday dinner. We went to a Japanese restaurant in Boise that was surprisingly really good. Patrick got his favorite, sukiyaki, and the waitress wasn't even shocked that he asked for a raw egg to dip it in. At that point, we knew it was authentic. The best part was that Kaiya got to eat her Cheerios from chopsticks. I didn't want them on the table because then she would be able to reach the food, and I thought it might make it a little cleaner. I was wrong about second one though.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


We started giving Kai Cheerios a few days ago and she loves them! I thought it would be difficult for her to pick them up and get them into her mouth, but she didn't have any problem with it. It's so cute to see her eating them and get really excited when she gets them from her tray to her mouth in one shot. The best is when they fall out though and she doesn't seem to have any idea where the little thing could have gone. Too cute!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Our Christmas

Our Christmas was pretty traditional this year. We had a nice Christmas at home and it was pretty mellow for Kaiya's first Christmas, just the way we had hoped it would be. Kaiya wasn't all that into it; I thought she would be really excited for all of the wrapping paper and bows and ribbons all over the place, but I think in the end it was just a little too much for her. She got tired and had to take a nap half way through our gift opening. But she did get some really cute and fun things. She really likes her new shopping cart from Santa and her new ride on car from her Grandma and Grandpa Grover. I made a turkey dinner and pies, and Kaiya enjoyed eating turkey for the first time. Overall, we had a really good Christmas and were so grateful for all that we were able to give and to receive. Most of all, we were grateful to remember the birth of Christ and the gift that He gave to all of us.

Her New Favorite

This is Kaiya's absolute favorite thing to do lately. When I set her down on the floor to play, she immediately finds her toy basket and gets to it, then proceeds to pull out every single toy. She sometimes glances at it, sometimes puts it in her mouth for a second or two, sometimes just throws it out of her way. I wonder if she's looking for something, or just trying to see if anything is new. It's so funny though. She can empty the basket in about two minutes and she has so much fun doing it. Once all of the toys are out she can relax and look at each one and play with it for a while. I can't believe how big she is getting already and how much personality she has. It seems like only a few weeks ago she was just eating, sleeping, and crying, and now she's definitely got a will of her own!

Hmm, what's in here?

I think I see something new!

She has to make sure she's gettng everything

Mommy, don't bother me with pictures!

She got it all!

Some Cute Pictures... Of Kaiya of Course

So our Internet hasn't been working. I've been waiting for it to start working again so I can blog, but sadly it seems to have a long vacation in mind instead. Perhaps it thought it would take the holidays off. Maybe it's in Florida. Anyway, the point is these pictures are a few weeks old because I have been waiting to blog. Now I've finally gotten around to putting the pictures on my flash drive so I can blog them on another computer. A computer whose Internet is not in Florida.
Well, now that that is explained, I took these pictures of Kai right before her nap a few weeks ago. The first one of the cat is how comfortable Kitty was in our nursing chair. I tried to get her out while holding Kai in one arm, but I couldn't. So then I put Kaiya down next to her, thinking that if she pulled Kitty's ears and tail, she might get off. No such luck. But it was cute, so I took pictures. Finally, I tried pulling the cat off with two hands while Kai helped out by grabbing the fur. You would think this method would surely scare any cat off, but not this one. I eventually had to call Patrick in to get the cat out of our way so I could put Kai down for her nap. It wasn't that I couldn't physically get the cat off, but when you try to move her she bites, so I couldn't take it. Luckily, she only bites me and not Kai. Well, luckily for Kai anyway.