Saturday, July 26, 2008

Something New

Kaiya's Grandma brought this over for her yesterday. She was pretty excited to have something new to do outside. Thank you grandma Ginger for the new toy!

Is this MY daughter??

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun, yet Terrifying...

When Patrick started doing this with Kaiya the other day, I was terrified. But Kaiya's excited plea for "more!" at the end of the video says clearly how she feels about it. Needless to say, I was outvoted two to one and the terror continues.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kaiya's Animal Sounds

Kaiya is starting to learn animal sounds. You can hardly hear her "sssss" for the snake and her panting for the dog over our extremely loud air conditioner, but she does them so cutely. We aren't sure why she thinks a cat laughs; maybe because she makes that sound when she sees a cat. We have some cows that live across the street and she moos at them every day and they even moo back at her sometimes. She loves animals and loves to make the sounds, but I do wonder, does mommy really say, "ahhhhhh"? I better work on that.

Twin Falls Temple

Last Thursday we visited the Twin Falls Temple for the open house. The temple is so beautiful! It was a really nice feeling to be able to tour it with Kaiya. She wanted to explore a little more than we wanted to let her, but overall she was really good. The open house runs until the 16th of August and then the temple opens at the end of August.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sleeping Beauty...

Flag Cake

Patrick and I made this cake for a ward dinner last Friday. I saw a picture of it somewhere a few years back and have wanted to make it ever since, but was never able to for one reason or another. This year, since Patrick was gone for the fourth of July, I thought I would have to postpone my cake dreams for yet another year, but happily the ward was having a fourth of July/Pioneer Day celebration last weekend. We made the cake and I think it turned out pretty cute, thus the blogging of it.

Monday, July 07, 2008

So Lazy...

Patrick is in Denver for a conference on Japanese Americans. He has been gone for five days. He won't be home until tomorrow afternoon. Today I feel so lazy. I feel like what's the point of doing all the normal housework stuff if nobody is coming home to notice. Don't worry, I'm still living in the land of laundry, dishes, and picking up toys, but I'm having to force myself to do it way more than normal. Good thing Patrick comes home tomorrow, because I need to get out of this laziness funk. Plus, I kind of miss the guy. Okay, I really really really miss the guy.

Happy Birthday, America!

Kaiya's first experience with corn on the cob
Watching the parade
This was so funny. Apparently anyone who owns a car from the 1980s or older can be in the Middleton parade, because that's mostly what we saw. But this beauty of a car was trying to keep up with the others by reving the engine and such things, and totally stalled right in front of us. They couldn't even get it started again, so they had the truck in front of them give them a tow. This picture is them hooking their car to the truck in front. We had a good laugh about it.

For the fourth of July, Kaiya and I went to Nampa to spend the holiday with Ginger, Meghan, and some of the Larsens. We had a great time and Kaiya loved every minute of it. She loves her Grandma so much so she was so excited to be at her house again, and she didn't seem to remember much from when we lived there, so it was all new and exciting to her. And since the house is no longer baby proof, it was fun for me too to chase her around and redirect her from all the fun things she found to play with (like the dog food). In the morning we went to a parade, then in the evening we had a barbecue and once it got dark we set off fireworks (along with the rest of the neighborhood) in the front yard. Kaiya wasn't able to stay up for the firework show, so we did a few while it was still light so she could see them. I thought she would be scared, but she seemed to enjoy the lights, and none of them were too loud so she did fine. Once I put her to bed I was sure she would wake up during the fireworks because it was so loud, but she slept right through it all. I was so amazed. Normally this girl wakes up to whispering. She must have been really tired from the day's festivities. We had a really great holiday, even though Patrick wasn't able to be with us. Thanks for inviting us Ginger!
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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


We now know that Kaiya was meant to be a farm girl. Unfortunately for her, her parents were not. I guess she'll have to wait until later in life to realize that goal. A lady that Patrick works with breeds goats, and she let us bring Kaiya out on Saturday to see them. Kaiya was totally at home and not even a little bit aprehensive. She would run toward the goats trying to pet them and they would run away from her. It was so funny. She probably could have stayed there all day hanging out with the goats, but once she discovered goat poop, and that it was absolutely everywhere, we knew it was time to go.

Patrick put Kaiya up on this horse and she was thrilled! She didn't even want to get off. We asked her a few times if she was ready to get down and she kept shaking her head and holding on. By the way, Patrick is holding on to her in this picture. He wanted to make it look like she was up there all by herself so he's hiding behind the horse. Just so you know we aren't neglectful parents.