Saturday, December 04, 2010

We are in DC!!

Patrick had to come to Washington DC for work next week, so we decided to bring the family out a little early and enjoy a little vacation. Too bad the work trip is in December though... it's COLD!! Much colder than we're used to in Death Valley. We traveled all day Thursday, and the kids were great on the flights, much better than expected. Yesterday we did the National Zoo, and decided to walk back to the hotel instead of take the metro becuase Leah had fallen asleep. We also didn't dress them warmly enough, and by the time we got back to the hotel the girls were freezing and screaming and it was a mini nightmare. But we learned our lesson and dressed the girls super warmly today, which came in handy since we also had to walk a million miles once again. Today we went to the top of the Washington Monument, then went to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and the American History Museum. All awesome. We also saw the National Christmas tree, but they aren't lighting it until next Friday, so it wasn't as good as we'd hoped. A few more touristy days here, then Patrick starts working Monday and the girls and I are headed to Philidelphia to stay with our fabulous friend Stephanie while Patrick slaves away. We're having a ton of fun despite the freezingness! Here are some picture highlights:

At the top of the Washington Monument

National Zoo. The kids liked the statues better than the animals.

But the did love the aquarium portion.