Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sand Dunes

Yesterday we visited the sand dunes and let Kaiya play in the sand. It was really fun and amazing to see huge sand dunes out of nowhere. She loved walking around without shoes and trying to bury our feet. The sand was perfect this time of year, not too hot, but warm enough to play in. We're having a ton of fun exploring and figuring out all there is to do here.

A New Home

We stacked all the boxes and bins in the dining room before we loaded them into the truck, and it seemed to be pretty fun for Kaiya to explore while it was there.

Patrick loading the truck. We stuffed it so full that there was no possible room for anything else, and a few things got left behind. So sad!

Here are some pictures from our move and the new house. I wanted to get some of the inside, but haven't done it yet (like so many other things), but here's the front of the house and the view from the patio. It's really amazing to look out so far and not see any other buildings. We are getting settled in the new house and really like it. Kaiya and I have been swimming nearly every day and she's found a new love. She cries every time we have to leave. But we're having fun with swimming and exploring while Patrick is gone 13 hours out of the day. He's also loving the new job. He's still in training this week, getting to know all about the park and creating his own tour, which he'll start giving next week. The pregnancy is still going great (thanks for asking!). I'll go see the new doctor in another week and we're really hoping we like him and everything is good, since we've got only 6 more weeks to go!