Sunday, April 18, 2010

Leah is Walking!

Leah took her first steps the day before Easter and this video is from a few days after that. She looks so cute walking! She's still a little timid about taking steps... it might have something to do with a certain big sister who pushes her over when she tries....

New Updates!

Today is Kaiya's third birthday! We are in Las Vegas becuase we are taking her to the zoo and out to lunch tomorrow for a celebration. And luckily enough they have internet at the hotel so I get to update the blog!! Here are some of the recent pictures we've taken. I wish we could put up some from the last 5 months, but it would take too long to post all that I would want to share!

The fam at Easter. We took the girls to Furnace Creek Inn for their annual egg hunt.

Kaiya really liked hunting eggs this year. When she would find one she would say, "Where's another egg?" excitedly.

Easter basket fun.

The girls are playing together a lot lately and one of the things they like to do is to look at books. So cute.
This is a funny story. Kaiya has pretty much given up napping, but I still occasionally try to put her down when she seems like she needs it. I have to put her down in my room now that she and Leah are sharing a room, because they won't fall asleep at naptime together. So after a while one day I went to check on her and I found her this way: she was wearing Leah's Easter dress inside out on top of her own clothes and had found my high heels. She was pretty sure that she looked great.
Fun at the park.

Leah's bedhead.


The girls got a wagon for their birthdays from Grandma. They love to ride in the wagon and I love that it has a sunshade!

We had a great visit with the Lawsons when we took a trip to Carson in March. Here's a picture of Kaiya and Trevor, who were born on the same day.

We took Kaiya and her cousin Miles to the Carson Children's Museum and they had a great time making a mess and having fun.

Leah is tired at breakfast at my Grandma's house.

St. Patrick's day cuteness.