Sunday, November 22, 2009

Some videos

I thought I would put some of our recent videos on the blog while I have a chance, so here goes:

Leah falls asleep in the highchair about ever 3rd or 4th time she's in it.

I meant to put a different video on instead of this one, but now I don't have time to change it. So here's Kaiya singing and then grabbing the camera to see her "Kaiya movie".

Kaiya in her Halloween costume saying her Japanese words.

Friday, November 20, 2009

An Update

I haven't blogged in a while due to the extreme slowness of dial up internet. But since we are here in Idaho with civilized internet, I thought I would take the opportunity to post a bunch of pictures from the last 2 months or so. I don't have all the pictures here that I wanted to post, but here's a pretty good update of what we've been up to in no particular order (mostly because I can't figure out how to drag and drop pictures wherever I want them anymore... what the heck?) So here we go: This is a picture of Kaiya's first time sitting in the regular seat on the airplane (and Leah's first time flying) on our way here
Kaiya loves pushing Leah in the swing at the park

These few pictures are from Kaiya's first time painting. She painted a snake (a new love these days... I don't know where she got that) and really enjoyed it.

Kaiya loves to dress Leah up in her dress up clothes. Unfortunately for poor Leah, this often means that she gets a hat right over her face and can't see anything. Most of the time she likes it though.
Kaiya and Leah in the Ball Pit

Leah loves the ball pit and will sit in it for quite a while playing with all the balls.

Here's Kaiya Trick or Treating for the first time. She caught on rather quickly. Normally she's really shy and won't even look at people she doesn't know, but once she realized she was getting candy she would say "Twick o Tweat" and go right up to people. So funny.

We dressed up in our Japanese garb and went out together. Most people didn't know what we were supposed to be, but we still had fun. Also, in our neighborhood, there's our kids and one other family with kids. Needless to say, not everyone was ready for Halloween. We tried to go only to the houses of people we knew, but sometimes if the porch light was on next door we'd go there too. Kaiya got some interesting things in her candy bag as a result, such as some mixed nuts wrapped in aluminum foil, and a few handfuls of change. She didn't seem to notice though.

Leah sometimes falls asleep in the highchair. So funny.
Leah has been eating solid foods for a few weeks now and always makes this face when she tries something new. She usually ends up liking whatever it is though and so far I haven't come across anything she won't eat. These are the other Halloween costumes the girls had. I thought they were super cute, but Kaiya didn't like to wear the Giraffe very long. So we opted to wear the kimonos instead.

One more of Kaiya playing dress up/toys. Mostly she just likes to empty out all the baskets and make a giant mess.
So that's what we've been up to! I'm hoping we get a chance to put a few videos on before we leave, so check back!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Patrick finished his Master's Thesis! He has been working so hard on it and is finally finished! We are in Idaho this week for his defense (which he did Monday), so that means I get to update the blog too! And once I put pictures on our computer, I intend to do just that. But I am so proud of Patrick for all of his hard work and for doing such an awesome job!