Thursday, September 17, 2009


On our way back from a visit to our friends in Palm Springs (which we'll blog about at another time), we stopped by a ghost town called Calico. It is very commercialized now, but still pretty interesting. It's a lot like Virginia City for those of you who know it. The main reason we went was to get our first family portrait. For the countless thousands of pictures when we couldn't get Kaiya to smile, this one actually worked out best that way. Her and Leah both look very 1880s. I guess they were just born 120 years late. Leah had been screaming the 30 minutes leading up to the photo and was asleep about 2 minutes later, so we got pretty lucky. It may be a little odd for a family photo shoot, but we like it.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

What We've Been Up to

It has been a while since we've posted anything, not because we haven't wanted to, but because of our lame dial up internet. So if anyone still reads our blog, here's the latest from us. We recently moved into another house in the same area, and are getting all of our things put away in new places. We really like the new house, and since it's right by the playground Kaiya really likes it too. When we were still in our other house, and during the hottest part of the summer (130 degrees outside), our air conditioner broke, and for a week the temperature inside our house was above 90 degrees. Luckily, we had our window air conditioner from our house in Idaho, so Patrick installed it in our bedroom and the four of us camped out in there.

Leah seems to finally be over her colicky stage, and is becoming quite a happy baby. She still isn't laughing, but smiles all the time and last week rolled over for the first (and only, actually) time. Here are a few updated pictures of her at 3 months.
Kaiya got a new "big girl" bed when we moved in to the new house. She was really excited about it and has done really well with the transition. We have been really lucky and she hasn't tried to escape from the bed yet. She just lays down and sings and plays a little and then falls asleep. She even waits for one of us to get her when she wakes up in the morning instead of climbing down by herself. It's great. The girls and I are also trying to get out more so we don't go crazy being in the house all the time. Last week I took them to Beatty (an hour away) to a little candy shop that also sells ice cream. Kaiya was so excited to pick out her own ice cream and eat it all herself (this is the first time we've let her). She of course picked chocolate so it got everywhere, but it was worth it to see how happy it made her.
That's basically what we've been up to, and now that Leah is screaming again (she gets mad when no one is paying attention to her) I better end this.