Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Quiet Book, L-S

I love this page! It's just a bunch of ribbons and a lion face, but I think it's fun!

This is also one of my favorites, and also really took a long time! I sewed each button onto a felt cutout, then sewed the whole thing on to the background. Hanna likes to look at and touch all the buttons. 

N is for noodles! They are made of yarn and sewn down to the red bowl.

Hanna likes this page. The owl can go in and out of the hole in the tree. I saw a page like this on imagine our life . Her pages are amazing and mine is nowhere near that awesome, but they are fun to look at and get ideas from!

The penguin is next to the owl page, so Hanna loves to put the penguin into the tree hole too. 

Q is for quilt. I made this tiny quilt out of fabric samples that were so cute I didn't want to throw them away, but they were like 2 inch squares, so I had no use for them... until now! It also has some cute tiny pillows. Hanna likes to put toys to bed in the quilt. The q is under the quilt.

This rainbow has beads to someday practice counting. And the colors of the rainbow. 

This snowman has changeable hats. In retrospect I wish I would have sewn them onto the other side of the page, because they are always getting tangled in the next page, but oh well. 

That's it for today!

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