Tuesday, January 06, 2015

More Quiet Book Pages

I saw this idea all over the internet.  I chose to attach the flowers to ribbons, just like everything else in the book, because I do not like to lose things and despite that fact, things are always getting lost! The flowers button on and off. This was my first time making button holes! They are not exactly shirt quality, but they work for the book.

I love this page! G is for garden.  The carrots are attached to a ribbon inside the button hole and sewn down to the bottom of the page. They pop out like you are harvesting them, and can go back in. The vine-y thing is supposed to be a tomato plant. Didn't turn out all that well, but I guess it could just be an imaginary plant... or something. 

This was another one that was popular on the internet. And since I have girls, I thought they would really like this page. I was right! My big girls really love it. Hanny will like it more as she gets older. The yarn hair is sewn down with a zig zag stitch in 3 places, then the bottom of the hair can be braided and clips can be put on. I could't figure out the nose, so it's a no nose face. 

I for ice cream.  The cones are sewn down and the scoops are on ribbons and can be stacked in any order. 

The jellyfish page! This is another of my favorites. It's just tentacle ribbons sewn onto a jellyfish body, but I think it's fun. 

The kite page was pretty easy. The kite moves around and it is supposed to look like the K is flying it. 

One other thing: I decided to do all lowercase letters for this book. Usually you see them in capitals, but I found that when teaching my older two to read, they had a really hard time with recognizing lowercase letters. They knew all the sounds but couldn't really read because they didn't know the lowercase alphabet.  So I made all the letters lowercase in this book in hopes that Hanna will be able to recognize the lowercase  letters when it comes time for her to learn to read. 

Thanks for looking!

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