Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Easter

Our Easter was pretty good. We went to church in the morning, Kaiya had her nap when we got home, and then we gave her her Easter basket. She was so excited and pulled everything out immediately. I couldn't' even get a picture of her with the basket before she pulled it apart. She received all new bath toys in her basket so I can rotate the ones she has with the new ones. She gets bored with playing with the same ones every day. Later in the day we let her hunt for eggs. She was really good at it (I guess all the practicing payed off) and found about five or six and put them in her basket before she decided she'd just rather play with them. It was really cute. Unfortunately my camera died after the basket pictures, so this is all the photographic evidence we have of Kaiya's first Easter. I made lamb for dinner and it turned out really well! I was nervous because it was my first attempt at cooking a lamb, but I think it was a success. We hope you enjoyed your Easter day as well!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A New Purchase

We found this bike stroller at costco the other day and Patrick had to have it. He is so excited to take Kaiya on bike rides all Summer long. She really enjoys being outdoors and taking walks, so we think she will love this too. The other happy news is that it's finally warm enough to be able to use it!

Dress Up

Kai and I played dress up the other day, well, actually I dressed her up. But it was fun and she enjoyed playing with the grass skirt. She also discovered that grass skirts aren't very easy to crawl in. The pictures also show one of her new favorite activities: shredding tissue. She loves to pull a tissue out of the box and then shred it into little pieces. It's so funny what kids find enjoyable. I don't like to let her do this too often, but once in a while I'll let her grab a tissue and go to town on it. We're thinking of getting her tissue for her birthday... just kidding.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Practicing for Easter

Lately Kaiya has been very curious about everything. She pulls up on everything she can, opens and closes anything that will open or close, and looks inside of things. I mentioned that I thought she would be good at hunting for Easter eggs because of this, so Patrick thought we should get her some little plastic ones now so that she can practice. So cute. She calls them all a ball too.

Kaiya's "Baah"

Kaiya actually said her very first word about three weeks ago, and I have been trying to capture it on video to post on the blog, but that task has been proven to be harder than it would seem. Every time I try to video her she sees me with the camera and comes after it. So here are two recent attempts, and together I think they capture Kaiya's ability to say "ball".

It really is funny to hear her say this all day long. The first thing she does when we get her out of her crib after a nap or in the morning is point and say "baah!". The funniest thing is when she takes a break from nursing just to say ball and then continues. I think she's really pleased with herself and likes to show off her new talent as much as possible.

She can understand probably about a dozen words now and when we ask her where one of them is she turns to look at it (like she did in the video) and sometimes points. Some of the ones she knows are ball (obviously), outside, daddy, mommy, grandma, book, and hippo. Even though she knows mama and dada and can say them, she won't call Patrick and I dada or mama yet. I was hoping Mama would be her first word, but I guess she has more of her dad's love for sports in her and "ball" won out. Well, maybe with the next baby...