Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This is Hanna

I realized that I have never really introduced Hanna on our blog.  She is now 16 months old and completely adorable.  Her favorite things are cookies, going outside, and saying "no!" She tries hard to keep up with her two older sisters, but also loves to cuddle with mom or dad.  Since we weren't blogging when she was born (or before she was born, or in the year after she was born...) here are a few photos of her babyhood.  Glad you could finally meet her!

Newborn princess

2 months old

5 months old
6 months old
11 months old

First birthday cake smash!

Friday, June 13, 2014

African Animal Mosaics

We did this little art project to go with our Africa studies.  Apparently in some African countries they make mosaics from butterfly wings.  We stuck with paper.  They were supposed to choose an African animal.  Kaiya chose a giraffe, her favorite animal, and Leah chose a horse.  Not the first thing you think of when you think African animal, but I guess that works. 

Finished products.  Leah's horse is above  and Kaiya's giraffe is sideways below. 

Leah's Birthday

Leah turned 5!!

Actually, Leah turned 5 a month ago.  We had a little family party at home and then took her to Sacramento for her 5 year old birthday trip (a family tradition).  Then we forgot our camera at the hotel.  So this is why Leah's birthday is just now appearing on the blog.  Here are some highlights:

Unicorn cake.  Leah wanted a purple unicorn cake and all the while I had been planning cupcakes. So this was a last minute throw together.  Thank you Pintrest for having ideas to make absolutely everything. Even purple unicorn cakes.

Leah loved the cake and devoured it.  Hanna is also chowing down in the background.

We met my sister and her family in Sacramento and here are all the cousins together minus Hanna, who was trapped in a stroller most of the day.

We let the kids feed the giraffe.  They loved it.

The kids at Fairy Tale town.  They love this place.  A kid's dream come true. 

We recently bought an underwater camera and this was the first time we got to use it under water.  We got some cute pictures of the older two, this being one of them.

Overall, Leah had a great birthday and we enjoyed the celebrations as well!